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Gryphon Web Design

- This Site is Portfolio Reference Only -

We Build Business Software: Cloud Based, Integrated.   Let Us Review Your Ideas.

Our Company, Building Business Software Since 1996

Gryphon Web Design is a Palo Alto, California business providing professional business software design, development and management for business since 1996.  Count on us to design, build or perform updates for your business software when you don't have the time or expertise in-house.

You'll get long term personal service on your project.  We have worked with some clients more than 10 years.  Clients know our institutional knowledge is valuable because it makes us efficient and fast.  We'll get to know your team subtleties and you'll get to know us, so we can move without delay.  We'll know your company's software big picture to your advantage..

Our total team is three to four with Greg M. Bell as the software designer, project manager/developer.  Next is two programmers and a graphics designer.  We are lean and highly effective.  Contact us if this appeals and we're a fit for your company and project.

Our People

Greg M. Bell Site designer, project manager

Greg M. Bell
Site designer, project manager

Greg M. Bell, Business Software Designer, Developer, Project Manager

Work directly with Greg as your one contact designer developer/project manager. When working with him on your software, he'll offer business experience, technology knowledge and industry clarification to assist you. He'll develop your optimal software using the proven web practices.

More about Greg here

Regarding Cloud Based Software/Web Sites

The web is a powerful business tool that demands both software design ability, technology skill, business knowledge plus experience to be effective. Greg has these critical skills you'll require and the business experience for effectively developing your software. Here is a quick summary of his experience.

Technology Instructor:
Greg has experience as a business computer instructor teaching classes in software design and development; so he's well versed in the technology. He's taught at the business intensive program at San Jose State University and has also taught at Foothill College and directly to businesses in Northern California. All of his extensive web business background and experience will be applied to your web site development project.
Usability Designer:
In addition, Greg has consulted with major software and software development businesses assisting them in fine-tuning their product usability and software navigation and site structure. His input has been applied to new versions of on-line shopping carts and other business related web software.

Programming Skill...
at Gryphon Web Design

We have two expert programmers available to work on your existing or new web project. With years of experience in HTML, CSS, PhP and in both SQL, ASP, Windows and also in PHP, my SQL.  We have your platform and coding requirements for fast, robust and professional web development covered. Call us for details as you require.

Tim Anderson...
Graphic Designer - Both Web and Print

Experience: Tim works in both web design and print media. He has worked in the graphic arts field in the California for many years. His work includes design, layout, and production of web designs, and in paper print media from brochures, mailers, catalogs, posters, trade show graphics and ads, to original creations and logos.

We Understand and Can Discuss These Software Building Technologies:

  • Software analytics with Google
  • ASP classic and ASP.Net server and programming / coding
  • Content Management Systems or CMS such as
    Open Source WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
    Configuration of authoring, editing and final publishing group rights
    Configuration of back end and front end software structure
    Configuration of your category, article, user group, permission settings
  • CSS or cascading style sheets
  • Custom web design, of course
  • Data or database management, database driven business information
  • U. I. or user interface or interface design
  • Information architecture / design, information strategy, information structure
  • SEO or search engine optimizing or how to optimize your pages
  • How we can manage your site as a Webmaster
  • MySQL open source or SQL by Microsoft
  • PhP open source compared with HTML / HTML 5
  • Discuss web technologies such as: XAMP, MAMP, WAMP (platforms of Apache, MySQL and PhP, or Dreamweaver CS4, CS5
  • Cities we serve including: San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley California
  • Usability Testing Service
  • Wireframe building for initial design view
  • And, all our software are made in the USA, we use no foreign programmers